Sunday, May 6, 2007

Virginia Tech

Since the massacre at Virginia Tech took place there have been outpourings of sympathy and condolences for the survivors throughout the country, which continues to grieve with them. As students, this tragedy has struck particularly hard. We know that this random attack could have occurred in many places, at any of our schools, and we stand together with our fellow students at Virginia Tech.
As a student organization, created by students and run by students, STAND feels a profound grief for this loss of precious life. Over the past two weeks, as we have learned more about the individual lives and commitments of those who were killed, we were deeply saddened to hear that three of the students served as active members of the Virginia Tech STAND chapter. We mourn for all those killed that day and feel a sense of solidarity with their friends, families and all Virginia Tech students.
We ask that, as members not only of the STAND community but also of the larger student community and the human community that you join us in honoring those who died and supporting the Virginia Tech community as it begins to rebuild.
In peace and solidarity,
Erin Mazursky, Director, Georgetown '07
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